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Natural Home Essentials’ handmade soaps are

  • Made with only natural oils, butters, & other natural ingredients
  • Scented with pure essentials oils – no artificial fragrances or phthalates
  • Produced using only palm oil that is organic & sustainably farmed, to avoid deforestation and orangutan killing; some soaps are palm- free
  • Prepared using food-grade sodium hydroxide, not industrial- or janitorial-grade lye


Our Essentially Soaps have a fluffy, bubbly lather that is deeply cleansing. Varieties include:

  • Fragrance-Free – an all-purpose soap made with only the ingredients that are essential for… making soap! Good for sensitive skin.
  • Gardener’s Soap – great at  getting all kinds of dirt off the hands – with orange essential oil to dissolve grease and cornmeal and poppy seeds to scrub away grime.
  • Oatmeal-Almond – with gentle, soothing exfoliation from ground oats, and a delicious cherry-almond scent.
  • Precious Earth – with French green clay to absorb oils and toxins, green tea for antioxidant value, and a luscious lemongrass fragrance.
  • Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice – the intoxicating scent of pumpkin and holiday spices, perfect for your winter soap dish.

Our Simply Shea Soaps provide a rich, moisturizing lather that is suitable for dry skin. Each bar contains about a half-ounce of unrefined shea butter. Available in the following fragrances:

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Lavender – a relaxing floral aroma from pure lavender essential oil, with lavender blossoms underneath
  • Patchouli Passion – real patchouli and dark cocoa, for a sensual experience you’ll love
  • Bubble Bee – a delicious lightly scented soap, with a honey graham fragrance that comes only from the local honey and beeswax that it’s made with